Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Me Before You Movie and Book Reviews

Parents should understand that Me is about an improbable relationship between Louisa, a working class British girl, and Will, a quadriplegic residing at his parents' estate. Lou is hired as the daily companion and caregiver of Will, and they finally realize each other like no one else has, though the two get off to a bumpy beginning. Will is confronting a serious decision about his state, and her best is trying to get him to make the pick everyone else needs. The two learn much from each other, particularly the lesson of opening up yourself to different means of thinking. The narrative switches between laugh-out-loud comedy, family fights, psychological drama, and romance. This can be a page turner that would attract many teenagers, despite the fact that it is not advertised as a young adult novel. All the characters drink to and socially excess on several occasions.

It is not possible to not fall in love with story and the characters in this novel that is intensely emotive and insightful. Me Before You tells the story of a guy and a girl in a small town that is British: one has confined herself there, and One is confined there. Readers might think they are getting into a romance novel, but they find themselves enmeshed in an attractive, psychological, and suspenseful novel. No character in this novel is a platitude, not even minor characters, including an ex girlfriend of Will's who readily could have been a stereotype. The story's told mainly from the perspective of Lou, with a couple of chapters from your perspectives of other characters, with the noteworthy exception of Will. Lou has an excellent voice as a character. She's a lot on her shoulders, but she is amusing and charming, particularly when she babbles. Will is more of a cipher, which can be clear as he is facing issues that are significant: confined into a wheelchair, missing his old life, living with pain, rather than knowing when or how his state will deteriorate. Writer Jojo Moyes supplies an eye-opening look at what quadriplegics must cope with on a daily basis, physically and socially. Also addressed is the problem of death with dignity.

Me Before you are going to transfer many readers but not in a manner that is excessively manipulative. Along with emotion and the comedy in the novel, the suspense is gripping. Moyes does not telegraph the ending.

What an unbelievable story!!
Tears were pouring down my face as soon as I completed this novel. It was strong, heartbreaking, and bittersweet but also strangely heartwarming. Completely unforgettable.
But I was drawn to the narrative and intensely interested about it. Therefore I would think about it from time to time and kept it at the rear of my head. I put it back and open the book, then chicken out. But I got to your stage where I believed I was prepared to read it and eventually came to terms emotionally with the storyline. And I simply need to say that I'm SO happy that I eventually decided to go for this because this story will remain within my heart eternally.

Basically, prior to the start of novel, Will made an unwavering, clear-minded choice that he failed to want to continue his life in his state. It had not been a shaky or rash selection crafted from rage or depression, but instead one based on private selection and medical facts.
There isn't any unexpected disaster or turn at the ending. By taking a realistic look more like a private selection made. It heartbreaking to confess but I do believe that, what he needed from his life and given the conditions of Will’s position, it was the right ending for the individual to whom it mattered.
But that was not fair because I did’t actually understand details or the sophistication with this precise scenario. I believe we innately desire to repair things, and it’s more easy to hold to hope that is fantastic when you’re not the man who's immobilized. It’s an amazingly selfless action to love someone enough to place their happiness first at the price of your own.
Everything is special. Every skill, every minute, it all.
Read this novel.